French Teacher Goes To Morocco

By Madeline Alden

Ms. Casanova has been honored to participate in a teacher exchange program that involves traveling to Morocco. She plans on traveling to Morocco with five other French teachers who she will meet up with on October 29 in Washington D.C.

For six weeks, Casanova will be staying in Casablanca while working alongside an English teacher at the Mohammad VI High School. She plans on learning more about the Moroccan culture and school system and also hopes to have a very rich cultural experience. Casanova hopes to make good connections with her teaching partner and her future students.

Mohammad VI High School is named after the current king of Morocco. The school lacks the type of technology Branford High School has and the classes consist of approximately 35 students. Ms. Casanova knows it will be very different from teaching at Branford High School.

As of right now, Casanova doesn’t have an organized plan on what to teach there because she isn’t sure what kind of class she will be working with yet. After the six weeks are up, Ms. Casanova will return to Branford on December sixth with the English teacher she worked with throughout the six weeks at the school in Morocco.

Bon chance en bon voyage Madame Casanova!


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