Can’t Get to School on Time, Here’s Why.

by Shannon Thomas

This school year, the amount of traffic in the morning has increased and has required the administrators to ask the Branford Police Department to help with the situation.

Students and teachers have all seen the increase in traffic from how it’s been in previous years. The reasons for it could be that more students are driving in the mornings and being dropped off, making the jam outside the turn last longer than it used to.

Mrs. Maliki, the teacher that handles parking permits, has said that there is an increase in the number of people registering their cars this year. Students were also asked what they think of the situation. When being dropped off, students asked agreed that the amount of traffic is a problem for both them and their parents, who may need to get to work. They commented that they have to leave earlier in the mornings to get to school on time, as do the students that drive to school themselves. Sitting in traffic for about 5 minutes or more is difficult for the teachers as well. To help the problem, Mr. Panagoulias said that BHS has been working with the Branford Police Department. With their help directing the traffic, the amount of it should do down as the school year continues.

According to Jack, one of the schools securety guards, it is all due to the amount of students being dropped off in the morning. “It’s all due to volume,” says Jack during the breif disscusion of this issue. He says that it is a huge problem and it always has been.

Things should start running smoother once the police department really starts managing the traffic and helping the school find alternate routes. From what Jack has said, the traffic really has nothing to do with the students driving in. It is a constant flow of traffic, especially now that the first left turn has been eliminated. The parents dropping off their students and clogging up the driveway entrance is a big part of the problem.


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