The Dreaded Senior Ex

By Jenna Grande

As if senior year wasn’t stressful enough. With college applications, tough classes, and extra curricular activities like sports and clubs, fulfilling graduation requirements adds another necessity to do. One of these requirements is creating and following through with a senior project, or, as many know it, senior ex. For those freshman or new students who don’t know what it is, senior exhibition is a project all seniors must complete with at least a score of 3 out of 5 in order to graduate. Students can pick any topic to do their project on. For example, if one has always wanted to learn how to play golf and is athletic, his or her project can be on learning to play golf. This project can be made fun if a good topic is chosen. It really is a great way to practice organization skills and other life skills while also having fun with whatever it is one chooses to do or learn!

However, some students do not necessarily agree with the idea of having such a big project. They feel, with it being so time consuming and stressful, it takes away time they could be focusing on colleges and class work. “Senior Ex has great intentions,” says senior Whitney Biancur but she, like many other seniors, feel it’s just too consuming. Despite the critical reviews of senior ex, it still gets done.

Senior ex is going to be required throughout the state in the near future so it’s important students start thinking about what they want to do early and plan it out to make it possible. Passing and getting it done are two important things about senior ex but perhaps the most important thing about it is having fun while learning something new; and that’s the best part.


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