Dear Maggie

Dear Maggie,

I’m a senior this year and one of my major concerns during this time is college applications. I’ve already applied early action to a couple of schools and I’m applying regular decision for a couple others. My parents want me to follow in their footsteps and go to a state school but I have my heart set on a college in New York. I feel that the college in New York best suites me but I don’t want to disappoint my parents. Should I go to the state school to make my parents proud or should I follow my own heart and go to the college that I want to go to?

Miss College Crisis

Dear College Crisis,

I’m sure that college applications are stressfull. However, there is a good part of college apps. and that’s getting the acceptance letters, especially to your number one choice. That feeling when you recieve that big manilla envelope from your top pick has to be the best feeling in the world, a sense of accomplishment. This feeling shouldn’t be destroyed because your parents want you to attend a different school. You need to follow your own heart and attend the school that you want to go to. Your parents might be dissapointed at first but you have to understand that they’re always going to be proud of you regardless of what you do. One of the main things that your parents want you to be is happy. If your top pick is going to make you happy then they will understand that. So be happy, follow your heart, and enjoy your first pick college. Good luck next year! I hope I was of help.

Love, Maggie

Dear Maggie,

When I was in the Intermediate School I had a group of friends that I did everything with. We met in fifth grade and after that we were inseparable. When we got into high school, I went here and all my other friends went to different high schools. Now I have no one in this school who I’m really close to. What should I do?

All Alone

Dear Alone,

Going from the intermediate school to the high school can be a scarey experience but what makes it a lot easier is having friends who are experiencing it with you. I understand that it’s hard to make new friends especially in high school, but in order to have a great high school experience you need friends to share the good times and the bad. So start trying to make some new friends; in class talk to the people you sit next to and during lunch sit with someone who’s in you class. Eventually this will result in a friendship that will last throughout your four years in high school. I hope I was of help.




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