Skate Culture 101

Kelsey Horrigan

     The urban blend of art and function brings a whole new meaning to world style. There’s a huge style staple within every school and community and that’s Skate Culture. Conversations between the skaters range from the “nastiest” trick to where they buy their clothes and shoes. The “shredders” have their own unique style.

     Clothing is a huge part of the skating lifestyle. Many skaters wear baggy T”s, that is worn for comfort so it’s easy to move, and jeans, that are, “long and thick denim to protect your ankles from shark bite[1].” Says John Records, “Plus they look damn sexy”. The places to shop are Skate liar in Enfield, Dayone in Bridgeport, and Transit in New York City. Some of the more popular brands advertised in Thrasher magazine are the brands of LRG, Upper playground, Levis, and Diamond.

     Last but not least the ever important skate shoe ranging from the Nike SB, Adidas, és, and Vox, Pat Vigorito was quoted as saying, “skate shoes are padded so you’re feet don’t get busted up.”

    The clothes are stylish and have a defining function. Skate Culture is about function but the skaters keep buying for the style, bright colors, interesting patterns and designs are a real foreground for artistic images and creative thinking. A major foot hold in the fashion and art world. Skate Culture is a fashion where personal style is really reflected in what is worn. It has no boundaries or rules as to the creativity established in this area of fashion.

[1] Shark Bite- getting bashed in the ankles by a skate board.


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