“Behind The Scenes of “The Pirates of Penzance”

By Rachel Rimm


As the curtains opened, a huge pirate ship spilling over with grimacing scallywags rolled onto the stage. Clad in their costumes designed and made by the hardworking costume crew, they began to sing loudly and dance perfectly in step. The show “The Pirates of Penzance” is considered an operetta. An operetta is basically lighter version of an opera; a less serious and downscaled version that still consists of a large amount of musical numbers and singing. If you saw the show, you may have noticed that there were very few spoken lines. Throughout the show, one would often hear Sarah Mahoney or Liz Lalor (who both played the part of Mable for alternating performances) hitting high C’s with perfect pitch backstage. At one point, Ryan Bloomquist (who played the part of Frederick with Emmett Cassidy) was interviewed and was asked to sing a bit of one of his songs. Without hesitation he let out few beautiful measures of one of his solos. During intermission, the backstage crew led by Sam O’Neil and Caitlin O’Neil changed the entire set. While exiting the stage in preparation for act two, they were nearly clobbered by a mob of tap-shoed policemen. The policemen marched down the hallway in perfect formation dressed from head to toe in their black and gold police get-ups. Finally nearing the end of the performance, crews had to help swiftly clear the stage and push the ship back on for curtain call. All of the talented cast members bowed and accepted their well deserved applause for a job well done. Congrats Cast and Crews of  “The Pirates of Penzance.”


Photos:Jamie Kazmercyk


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