Plays for the Cure

By Lauren Buckman

   images   Thursday night, April 30, the Branford community came together to support a cause close to our hearts, which has unfortunately affected many of us. Whether it be directly, or through a family member or friend, the suffering that a cancer patient endures is tremendous. This is why we must help in all the ways possible and try to find a silver lining in each and every experience.

      “Branford Plays for the Cure”, a basketball game fundraiser, was set up by Mr. Maloney, a retired BHS teacher. Ironically, he is doing twice the amount of work as before, but all for good causes. A true hero in the Branford community, Mr. Maloney feels that his only motivation to put this fundraiser together was in his heart. He also says he was “ecstatic with the outcome.” Over 1500 people took time out of their busy schedules, to join the fun at this game.

      The games included: 1) WIS Teachers vs. WIS Students, 2) Murphy, Sliney & Tisko Teachers vs. News Channel 8, 3) BHS Teachers vs. BHS Students, and 4) Branford Police vs. Branford Fire Department. All four of the games were a great success. During halftime the crowd enjoyed shows from the WIS Dance Team, BHS Dance Team, BHS cheerleading, and COLOURS. A COLOURS is group of young kids from Maryland, who travel around dancing, singing, and uplifting people spirits. They were a huge hit Thursday evening, as well as on Friday when they performed at different Branford schools. They even mentioned that Branford was one of their favorite places to perform. In addition to these performances, we were fortunate enough to hear from UCONN Coach Geno Auriemma, Branford resident and cancer survivor Erin Kelley, WIS fifth grader Maggie, and of course Mr. Maloney himself.

      One hundred percent of proceeds benefit the Debbie Maloney Memorial Foundation, the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and Geno’s Cancer team. Thank you to everyone who came out to support. We also would like to thank the Cultural Diversity Club for bringing us COLOURS as well as hosting them during their visit.


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