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newspapersIf you have ever had any interest in writing for the school newspaper, The Buzz, come to the meeting on Wednesday September 2, at 2:30 in  E12.

If you cannot attend contact Mrs. Butler, Colin Tripp, or just comment this post with your name and email.

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2 responses to “Join the Buzz

  1. Emilee Guerrera

    My name is Emilee, I am a transfered newbie junior. I was wondering, not about writing but about photography. How it works, if you need help, and just how to get involed. Thanks!
    Emilee G

    • bhsbuzz

      Hi Emilee, I cannot stress how much we need a photographer. You are absolutely welcome to join, just come to the next meeting on Wednesday, right after school in E12 and we can explain it a little more for you.
      you can also email Colin Tripp at
      or myself at
      hope to see you soon,