September Student Fashion

djghjsdfh 003ghfdhjf 046djghjsdfh 002By Madeline Alden

This fall, the trends most apparent in the halls of Branford High School are floral prints, high-waisted skirts and plaid.

While plaid has always gone in and out of fashion, the contemporary look appears to be more fitted shirts and dresses. Many students are wearing this trend, while sporting a plaid dress Steph Dahlin says, “I think it’s cool that plaid is in style again. You could dress it up or down.” Steph Dahlin’s purple plaid dress is a chic alternative on the 90’s grunge staple.

            Floral prints are reminiscent of the summer so it is no surprise that they are very prominent this fall. Bright bold florals are big this year with their feminine pattern and summery charm. Rachel Baker pulls in this trend with a floral shirt and t-shirt combo, Rachel’s stance on style is “I love when an outfit looks effortless yet everything ties together into a distinct style.”

Put way the mini’s because high-waisted shirts are back in style. Currently many students at Branford are wearing high-waisted shirts with a tee for a casual look or spicing the trend up with a ruffled blouse. One of the students is Erika Zocher who says, “I think that the high-waisted skirt trend is really great because it reminds me of the 40’s or 50’s, and I’ve always wished I could live back then,” about this look.


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