“Fashion Fashion: Read All About It”

by Jennifer J. Miller

It is that time of year again when the leaves are changing color and falling onto the ground: alarming everyone that fall is beginning its session. Now that the trees are changing, fashion is adjusting as well. It is time to put away the shorts, tanks and flip flops and change into something a little warmer.

Although last season was all about skinny jeans, fashion has taken a drastic change. Bell bottoms are coming back in this season. Stylists suggest that the jeans are worn at a reasonable length: not too long that they drag on the ground but cover a decent amount of the shoe.

And no woman can leave the house this fall without accessories, rumor has it that big bags are still in. Any shade of purple or metallic will do. Feel free to switch the style up a bit and not keep the exact shape continuous throughout any outfit.

Not into handbags? That’s okay. Hair accessories are also in high demand this season. Play around with different accessories. They are what make the outfit. One student who wished to stay anonyms stated “I cannot wait to pair up my jeans with a fabulous pair a shoes and go heavy with gold accents. Nothing screams fall like bold colors and fun accessories.”

One thing to keep in mind is that dark purple is the color of the season. So, a word to the wise – do NOT be caught without it! Go bold with accessories and colors. This season, nothing is too bold!


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