Freshman of 2010

by Megan Gilstrap

Remember right before you left the middle school, and you were an 8th grader and you felt like you were on top of the “School chain”. Well that’s not how it was when you became a freshman the year after that. The new freshmen class knows how it feels to be on the bottom of the “school chain”. It’s hard to be a freshman; not knowing where their classes are, which friends have 1st or 2nd lunch, forgetting their  combination to their locker or worried about how their classes will go and how the teachers will be.

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors know how it felt and now our new freshman class does too. But how would we know what they think of the school and how THEY feel now? So, I went and asked some “Anonymous” freshmen what they were thinking when they came here and how they felt.

One freshmen said “When I first came here I was so nervous that I would lose my way trying to find [the] classes and I would get a detention” another one said “It felt like 5th grade all over again, just different people and place.” Also some even confessed “I like this school I think its cooler, [that] we get more freedom”, another freshmen said “I can’t wait to know where everything is so next year I can help the new freshmen class.”

Now being a senior in Branford high I look back at how I used to be a freshman and how I felt.  I think that we all felt the same when we first got here. Now we feel like we can take on the world and soon enough we will.  So here’s some advice from a fellow senior “you want to use your time VERY wisely whether it be deciding what your plans are for the weekend or what you plan will be when you’re out of high school.” I miss being a freshman; however I’ll be one again in college.  For most seniors the feeling of being a freshman will soon come back to them.


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