Who Took the Pep out of PEP-Rally!

by Marisa Kaplita

The new school year has begun and we kicked it off great; our new freshmen came in, we started all our new fall sports, and we even dedicated our student center to Dr. Higgins.  However, we also started the year off with another uneventful pep-rally.

A few of the teams actually did do a good job, but most of them just did the usual calling off of the names.  .  One student even said, “The sportsmanship was good, everybody clapped, but nobody did anything.”

The truth of it is that most of us, high-school students have short attention spans and we need to be entertained, especially if we’re going to be kept in a room for a half hour.

I know that the pep-rallies have been resisted, but I think it’s time for the school administration to allow us more freedom; and we as students need to respect that freedom.  I truly believe that the BHS community has the ability to put the pep back into PEP-rallies!  So, let’s all step it up this winter for the next pep-rally and do something that’s fun and gets the school pumped up and excited for all the upcoming sport’s games.


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