School Clubs

by Alyssa Mason

Anime Club

In Anime Club, there are many different things to do, from drawing their own characters and people.   In addition to drawing, they watch Anime, play video games, and dress up as different characters and party.  As of now they are working on filling their bulletin board.  The new president, Sidney Mao, is working on reorganizing the club.  There are about 15-20 members so far, and they are currently recruiting any new members that want to join; anyone is welcome, from freshman to upperclassmen.

Women’s Club

The purpose of women’s club is to support young women.  Last year they sent clothes and other materials to an Indian reservation in North Dakota.  They do many collection drives throughout the year to send to women in need.  Another goal the club supervisor, Mrs. Roy mentioned was to create a safe place for girls to talk freely with the older girls about their problems.  They’re newest project is creating goodie bags to give out at the “Run for the Ribbons” event that is raising money to donate it  to help find a cure for breast cancer.


Orchestra is an all year class that consists of violin, viola, cello, and bass players.  Last year orchestra only had 5 people, which is more a quintet than an orchestra.  This year however, this number has doubled to 10 people.  There is also a new teacher, Mrs. Cohen, who has brought much change to the program.  This class is welcome to everyone, so anyone who wants to play an instrument is welcome to join.  We meet every day during 6th period.  There are many concerts planned this year so if you aren’t able to join, then you can still come and support them.

Art Club

Art Club is a very interesting club that meets Tuesdays after school.  Next week they are going to be doing print making and are soon planning to be doing crafts with pumpkins in celebration of fall and Halloween.  The club is run by Mr. McColl, there aren’t many members in art club yet, and new members are encouraged to join.

Be sure to check out their art work it is sure to be breathtaking!

Asian Awareness

Asian Awareness is another relatively small club with 15-20 members; and members are always welcome throughout the year.  They do many fun things such as eat Asian cuisine and make Asian crafts.  They also listen to Asian music, and occasionally hold Asian fashion shows.  They are also planning a trip to Chinatown, New York around Chinese New Year.  You don’t have to be Asian to join the club; everyone is welcome to celebrate the culture with them.  This is a club definitely worth checking out!


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