by Alyssa Mason

On October 9th, the AP art students and sculpture students showed off their incredible skills on the town green by making a giant wave out of recycled water bottles and other recyclable materials. Something unique about the sculpture, other than being completely recyclable, is that they built the sculpture on site.   The art students had to make the different sections of the sculpture at school and then put them all together at the green. This is because it was too big to transport the sculpture as a whole.

In the end, all of the students were very proud of their work, Grace Hager said, “The Illuminaqua was six weeks of intensive sculptured work that paid off in the end with a beautiful piece.”  And their hard work definitely did pay off; it was an amazing piece of art.

In addition to the sculpture, lights and sounds were set up to make an interesting and beautiful effect.  Mrs. Paskiwiez , the AP art teacher who was the advisor on this project, said, “It was a collaboration of AP art and sculpture students working together, using recyclable bottles to create a beautiful sculptural wave.  They all worked so well together and did an incredibly good job.”  All of the artists should be very proud of the sculpture, it was truly remarkable.


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