Ben and Jerry’s vs. Ashley’s

by Alyssa Mason

                The two most popular ice cream shops in Branford are Ben and Jerry’s and Ashley’s, which happen to be on the same street, this creates somewhat of a rivalry between each shop’s supporters.  But is one more popular than the other? After a recent poll of students here at BHS, it has been proven that Ashley’s is indeed more popular.  When asking people which place they preferred I also asked them why, and each side had its own interesting argument.

Many of the people who sided with Ashley’s, prefer them because they were here first, and are a more local business than Ben and Jerry’s.  (Ashley’s is only in CT while Ben and Jerry’s are all over the country.)  Students said that they have grown up with Ashley’s and remain very loyal to them.  Also, there is a much wider range of toppings at Ashley’s and soft serve unlike Ben and Jerry’s.  Ashley’s also stays open the entire year unlike Ben and Jerry’s which closes for a few months during the winter. Lastly, Ashley’s has a much friendlier environment with the drawings all over the walls.

The people who prefer Ben and Jerry’s although fewer, had their own reasoning also.  They claim that Ben and Jerry’s has much more interesting flavors with incredibly creative names, like Phish Food, or Cherry Garcia.  Something that Ben and Jerry’s has that Ashley’s doesn’t is free cone day, which is held once every year at stores all over the country, and you can go back as many times as you like.

Both ice cream shops are very yummy and both deserve respect.  But let us not forget the other places to get ice cream in Branford, like The Udder Place, or Friendly’s.


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