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The Ways of the Paddle

 by Vincent Roca

In Japan, students go to private tutors to learn about it. In India, it is referred to as an art. In American, it’s a favorite, close to heart sport, most recognizably known as Ping Pong.

Ping Pong is cherished at BHS. The ping pong club is a major after school activity that entertains students every Tuesday after school. The members of the club range from amateurs to masters. Often times you see the masters of ping pong providing insight to the younger players. “The variety in skill levels allows for some pretty entertaining games.” says Jayrd Hobbs a member of the pig pong club.

The clubs “anyone can join” policy has led to many students finding a new interest in the sport. This policy allow for people who just love playing ping pong to come together and challenge each other in amazing games. The best games are when two experienced players go head to head in what seems like an endless rally. One member, Alex Muniz, describes the rallies when he told The Buzz, “Exciting, the epic rallies between man and man are enthralling.”

Many rallies can last for a back forth for 20 amazing hits. A variety of hits are used during these rallies, including topspin, backspin, slices and cuts. However, sadly, one player must always lose. After the score reaches 11, the clock strikes midnight on that player’s dreams, but only to have them come back again at the chance for redemption at another table.

The players, however, aren’t the only people who make up the club. Co-advisors, Mr. Miller and Mr. Lyons, are the original Ping Pong masters. Both talented ping pong players themselves, they guide new and old players in the ways of the paddle. They are also very dedicated to furthering the club. They both have hopes and dreams for the club, and wish to see them come into place. “The current plans,” says Mr. Miller, “are to buy new nets and new paddles.” “Over time,” he explained, “the nets and the paddles become worn down to the point where they are unusable.”

To raise funds, the club currently sells Gatorade to its members. However, the dream fundraiser is to have a ping pong tournament. “It would raise money, but also crown the ultimate pin pong champion of BHS.” Mr. Miller said.  Nevertheless, the dreams of Mr. Lyons and Mr. Miller don’t end there. “Our ultimate goal” Mr. Miller, “said is to have a tournament with another school.” He believes that this year might be the year. When asked how this year compares to other years, he said, “There is definitely a lot of enthusiasm from the younger group, but also a lot of insight from the older returning members of the club.” “This year,” he said, “looks promising.”

Luckily, it is never too late to join. Ping Pong club meets every Tuesday after school in the gym lobby. If you have your own paddle bring it, if not, there are ones provided by the school, coming to the club will show off your, skill, dedication, and love for the game.


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