Trip to Tiffany’s


by Marisa Kaplita

Electives are everyone’s favorite part of the day, because its gives everyone a chance to relax from classes and work on something fun or artsy.  And this past month the Jewelry Making Class had an opportunity to go and do something a little extra.  They, along with the guidance of the lovely Mrs. Donna Roy, took a trip up to New York to Tiffany’s.  They got to look at all the different types of jewelry they had to offer, as well as seeking out designs and patterns they wished to use on their own work back in Branford.  One student, Corine Yasevas said, “I found a lot of things that interested me that I could make myself in class.”

The trip was helpful as well as fun, especially because so many of the students seem interested in learning more about pursuing their work in class.  Jewelry Making is one of the more popular electives in the school, and with one look at the types of things the students are making it is easy to see why.  They must feel proud to make real jewelry that they can wear well after the end of the semester, it’s definitely a different feeling wearing something that you made rather than something you just picked up at the mall.

Class selections are coming up soon and if you don’t know what elective you want to take next year, keep Jewelry Making in mind because it’s a great class and an incredible opportunity to learn a new skill.  And it’s not just a class for the ladies, guys are welcome to sign up, in fact in the job world there are a lot of guys who make and design jewelry for a living.


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