Chemistry Club

by Pooja Ali

Recently, a new club began on February 15, 2011, called the Chemistry Club. The advisors are Amy Okamoto and Tommy Chen. In this club, students are given the opportunity to perform experiments that they don’t have time to do in class. The secretary is Abbas Zaidi, and president is Anne Liu. This club is open for all students interested in doing chemistry experiments, competing in local science competitions and learns a little more of what chemistry has to offer. Don’t be shy, come and join! Club meetings are held in room F20 every Tuesday afterschool. Here is what Mrs. Okamoto says about the club, “Chem Club provides the time to do all of the fun and crazy things we don’t have time to do during the school day, as we socialize, do demos and experiments, prepare for local competitions, etc.  Dr. Chen and I will teach club members about specific chemistry concepts that interest them.”

In the past few meetings the club has made ice cream, dealt with invisible ink and made rock candy.  They are doing a lot of interesting experiments by incorporating chemistry that’s learned in the classroom.  They made the ice cream by filling a small plastic bag with cream, vanilla, and sugar.  Then the small bag is placed in a bigger bag filled with ice and salt and shake it until the ice cream forms.  This experiment taught the students about the transfer of energy while they got to enjoy they’re homemade treat.  They have a lot more experiments and activities planned for the rest of the year and all the members are excited to learn more.

The chemistry club will be a place not only for kids to learn more about a subject that interests them, but also about future job idea.  “If a student is interested in going into the chemistry field as a possible career, then the chemistry club is a good place to explore all your options,” says Dr. Chen, co-advisor of the club.


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