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Welcome Mr. Thomas!

by Alexandra Augustak and Nina Mariotti

With the school year now in full swing, Richard Thomas has come to know and love Branford High School. He transferred here at the start of the year after teaching at Meriden High School.  When asked about comparing BHS to his old school, Mr. Thomas exclaimed that he’s much happier here. “The students and teachers are so easy to work with,” he says.

Mr. Thomas found his inspiration to become a teacher when he was just a sophomore in high school while taking Algebra 2 and incidentally, he now teaches Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 block at BHS. While he’s getting acquainted with the students, Mr. Thomas wants to share his advice to everyone: “Work hard now so it’ll be easier later on.” Mr. Thomas, welcome to the BHS community!


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Creative Minds Needed!

by Meglin Bodner

 This just in! The members of Calliope, the school’s literary magazine, are asking for more original artwork, poems and stories! They can be about anything and will be shared in the magazine coming out on Halloween. The booklet allows people to see what other classmates are thinking and how they feel. Everyone thinks and sees events, or even objects, differently, so it is a great way to get a glimpse into other minds. FREE COPIES of the magazine will be given to those who are WEARING COMPLETE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES, so be sure to wear one!

Calliope meets after school on Thursdays in F11. The club is led by the advisor, Mr. Matthiessen, and editor in chief, Ziqui Wang. Mr. Matthiessen said, “People go to various clubs which creates less members for Calliope, but our club invites the BHS community to send in their art and writings.” Submit all pictures of your art and writing to! The club is now going to have more than one issue per year, as suggested by Ziqui Wang, so be sure to pick up some copies. Be creative and start painting, drawing, writing or crafting!


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