Want to Help the Hungry? Wear Argyle!

by Meglin Bodner

On November 18, make sure to wear any argyle clothing you own. Not sure what it is? Argyle is a diamond-shaped pattern of two or more colors. Everyone who wears argyle clothing on Friday is doing a great deed. Putting $1 into one of the donation boxes for wearing argyle allows the Branford Soup Kitchen to feed those who are hungry. There will be a donation box set up in the commons before school and during lunch waves for students to donate money; and a separate box for faculty can be found near the mailboxes. It is beneficial to help their cause, especially this time of year with Thanksgiving around the corner.

“The idea has been well received by faculty,” said Mr. White, who took part in the creation of Argyle Day. The idea came about last year when Evaun Boatman and Mr. White noticed each other wearing argyle shirts. The pattern was popular twenty to thirty years ago, went out of style for some time, and is now making a comeback. Mr. White has noticed lots of students wearing argyle around school, so he thought that would be more fun than a “casual Friday”.

Wearing argyle on November 18th is a symbol of charitable giving. “It’s a show of caring for the needy,” commented Mr. White. The event also raises awareness that people indeed are still suffering from hunger in our town. Be kind by helping the hungry on Argyle Day and do not forget that there are always opportunities to help out at the Soup Kitchen.


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