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Take Classes without Leaving Your Couch

by Nina Mariotti

Since 2006, high schools have been offering online classes. This yea is Branford High School’s first year participating in the Virtual High School program. 40 students from Branford were piloted to take classes in VHS.

So far, the program has been running smoothly. In fact, the board of education is so pleased with the success of the program that they’re hoping to one day have it be a requirement for BHS students. “It’s a long term goal-maybe 3-5 years from now-to have every student [at BHS] have the requirement to take a class online,” says Mr. Panagoulias.

Some students may be wondering why exactly we should be taking online classes. What’s wrong with the classes we take every day at school? Mr. Bouley, the only teacher at BHS to teach an online class so far, says while of course our day-to-day school classes are always a good way to learn, online classes will enrich your learning in a different kind of way

“It’s a very different experience, teaching in a [physical] classroom with students and one online,” he said. “It’s hard to say which one is better…online students are very independent learners… and can get individual help from me. My classes here have the benefit of hearing stories from myself and working with other students.” In addition to teaching AP psychology classes here at BHS, Bouely teaches an online philosophy class.

Mr. Panagoulias is hoping to get more teachers like Mr. Bouely to teach an online class, because for every one teacher our school contributes, we get about 50 seats for students to join the program.

The world around us is always changing, and the use of technology is growing all the time. “It’s important”, as Mr. Panagoulias says, “for our students to work with technology skills.  It will be very good to have those skills when they go to college and in the work space.”

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Unknown at BHS

by Meglin Bodner

 Class Act is unknown by many who roam the halls of Branford High. It is our in-school restaurant/catering business that is operated by Mr. Bannon (the chef instructor). Students who take the Occupational Food Service class, that is offered here, have a chance to help

out with the business. The classes are all year and take place in periods 4, 5, and 6. Class Act participants take pride in the teamwork needed to run the restaurant and are happy with the work they devote to providing a wonderful service to the High School and Branford Public Schools community. There are various items sold at Class Act. Homemade scones, quiche, and bagels are served in the morning. At lunch, soups, stuffed breads, and sandwiches are available. Take home dinners are offered each week, too. Besides cooking and selling food in the school, the students cater many meetings for several departments and provide great spaces to hold events or functions.

Mr. Bannon commented, “If you are at all interested in learning what it takes to make a restaurant or any business run smoothly and have an interest in food, you will fit in with our crew.  You don’t have to want to become a chef to get some great skills and knowledge out of the Occupational Foods courses here at BHS.  We have fun learning and the best part is we get to sample what we produce!  Hope to see you in the kitchen!”

Class Act is all about teamwork in business and making delectable food, so if interested, ask your guidance counselor about signing up for Occupational Food Service class which will allow you the privilege of being a member in Class Act!

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Like Us? Then LIKE us!

The Bhsbuzz is now on Facebook! Become a fan and you could have your name placed in a drawing to win a $20 gift card to Dukin’ Donuts!  Like us between Monday Dec. 11th and Thursday 22nd, winner will be picked on the Friday Dec. 23rd.  Good Luck! Go Right to the Page by clicking HERE!

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Twelfth Night at BHS

by Meglin Bodner

It is that time again – when the cast for an unknown play assembles and rehearsals are attended up until opening day. This year, the fall play is a Shakespearean comedy called Twelfth Night. The main character Viola, played by Katrice Kemble, gets shipwrecked on the Illyrian shore.  Assuming that her twin brother Sebastian (Dan Lalor) is dead, Viola disguises herself as a servant using the name Cesario and serves Duke Orsino (Sam Brookman) with the help of a captain (Griffin Sandler) who saved her. Orsino is in love with Lady Olivia (Molly Hughes) and uses Cesario to tell Olivia about his love for her. Lady Olivia believes Viola is a man and falls in love with “him”.

Life gets complicated when Viola falls in love with the Duke who has no idea that Cesario is actually a woman. Later on, numerous characters work together to make Olivia’s head steward, Malvolio (Chris Marsala), believe that Lady Olivia wants to marry him. Malvolio receives the falsified letter that says just that and does what it says in order to have her hand in marriage. Olivia is shocked by what she sees and leaves the scene. Those who wrote the letter send Malvolio to a dark cellar, claiming that he had gone mad.

Will Malvolio be released from the dark cellar and discover the fake letter? Is Viola’s twin brother really dead? Does Viola’s identity become known? What happens next will be shown at the auditorium on December 8, 9, and 10th at 7:30 pm. All tickets are $5.00. Bring your friends and family along for a memorable play that will leave you laughing.

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Faulty Fire alarms?

by Vinny Roca

You may have noticed the firefighters going around the schools for the past few weeks and wondered what they are doing at our school. The reason was that our fire alarm system was down and useless during the past weeks so firefighters stood guard in our hallways, protecting us, while at the same time receiving hefty overtime dollars. The reason for the malfunction was a fire in the school around three weeks ago.

With the fire came many rumors. One student, who chose to remain nameless, told the Buzz he heard that, “Dr. Chen caused the fire.” Another student told the Buzz that, “Someone told me a girl left a curling iron in the bathroom…or was it a hair straightener.” However, the rumors were in this case only rumors. Mr. Panagoulias explained that there was no fire, but rather, “A sprinkler head malfunctioned in a food storage area of the cafeteria.  This caused a technological malfunction of the control panel in the main office and loss of alarm communication in parts of the building.” In the end, the truth, like almost always, turned out to be less exciting than the rumors.

Nevertheless, the malfunction has cost the town a great deal of money in both paying the overtime of the firefighters and fixing the sprinkler system. How is the system working to date? Mr. Panagoulias stated that, “The control panel in the main office has been replaced and all systems have been tested.” The random fire alarms are over and the fire fighters have left.

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