Unknown at BHS

by Meglin Bodner

 Class Act is unknown by many who roam the halls of Branford High. It is our in-school restaurant/catering business that is operated by Mr. Bannon (the chef instructor). Students who take the Occupational Food Service class, that is offered here, have a chance to help

out with the business. The classes are all year and take place in periods 4, 5, and 6. Class Act participants take pride in the teamwork needed to run the restaurant and are happy with the work they devote to providing a wonderful service to the High School and Branford Public Schools community. There are various items sold at Class Act. Homemade scones, quiche, and bagels are served in the morning. At lunch, soups, stuffed breads, and sandwiches are available. Take home dinners are offered each week, too. Besides cooking and selling food in the school, the students cater many meetings for several departments and provide great spaces to hold events or functions.

Mr. Bannon commented, “If you are at all interested in learning what it takes to make a restaurant or any business run smoothly and have an interest in food, you will fit in with our crew.  You don’t have to want to become a chef to get some great skills and knowledge out of the Occupational Foods courses here at BHS.  We have fun learning and the best part is we get to sample what we produce!  Hope to see you in the kitchen!”

Class Act is all about teamwork in business and making delectable food, so if interested, ask your guidance counselor about signing up for Occupational Food Service class which will allow you the privilege of being a member in Class Act!


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