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Egypt is calling: Aida’s in Town

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By Meglin Bodner

The upcoming musical at BHS is Elton John and Tim Rice’s Aida. It starts out in a museum’s Egyptian exhibit where two people glance at each other and form a connection. Then, the statue of a female Pharaoh awakens and transports the audience to ancient Egypt where Egyptian soldiers and their captain, Radames (Noah Perito), are returning from a mission to conquer Nubia.

Radames’ soldiers have captured a group of Nubian women and he sees one of the women, Aida (Katrice Kemble), trying to escape. Later, Radames keeps Aida and the other Nubian women from working at copper mines by telling them to go to the palace groundskeeper, but sends Aida to be a handmaiden for his fiancée, Princess Amneris (Alison Johnson), instead.

Radames’ father, Chief Minister Zoser (Sam Bibbins), tells his son that the Pharaoh (Jarrett Levesh) is ill and Radames will become the next Pharaoh. Radames orders his Nubian servant, Mereb (Chris Marsala), to take Aida to Princess Amneris and recognizes Aida.

As the story goes on, much more is learned about who Aida is, how Mereb knows Aida, who the other characters are, how they try to overcome the prejudices of their time, and what happens as the forbidden love story progresses.

The show times are Wed. March 21 through Fri. March 23 at 7:30 pm, Sat. March 24 at 1 p.m. and 8 p.m., and Sun. March 25th at 2 p.m.  Tickets are $15 for adults and $12 for students and seniors. The tickets can be purchased by calling (203) 315 -7998 ext. 2500. Don’t miss this action and romance filled musical!


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Stars of Branford

stars of branford

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February 22, 2012 · 8:31 pm

The New Calliope Is Out!

Make sure you pick up our own copy of the Calliope next week!  Calliope is the school’s literary magazine made up of artwork, poems, short stories and other types of writing from the students of BHS.  This is a sneak peak of the new magazine coming out; the cover was created by BHS student Ziqi Wang.  You can get your own copy of the magazine from the school store for $1.00.  If you are interested in submitting artwork or creative writing for the spring edition of the Calliope, just e-mail Mr.  Matthiessen at or ask your English teacher for more information.  

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Teachers on Twitter?

by Vinny Roca

 As we move into the digital area, many aspects of life are becoming less tangible and becoming  posts on our newsfeed or messages in our e-mail; and Branford high school is no exception.  Through social networking sites, blogs and other tools on the information highway, teachers are getting information out to their students at home. Many teachers have been using the internet for multiple years now and have seen the benefits.

Wikis, simple websites, have been created by many teachers at our school including Mr. Miller and Mrs. Lippolis. The websites are great ways to share links to helpful videos or websites, post worksheets to save papers, or post vocabulary words.

Other teachers use more advanced sites to communicate their lessons. Mrs. Baker for example has been using a blog website since 2006. Baker uses the blog to open the classroom to the homes of her students. Baker said, “ I use it as a way to encourage all students to share their thoughts and comments.” Mrs. Baker noted that the online aspect has been beneficial to student, “I find that it increases participation, especially from students who are hesitant to share their thoughts in class discussion.”

What seems to be the most creative idea so far by teachers in terms of entering the digital world, has been teachers recent efforts to connect with students to where they are on online the most, social networking sites.

Twitter has become more than just a place of gossip for students at BHS; teachers such as Mr. Bouley and Mr. Gagliargi are using it for communication.They constantly update there feeds to update students on things such as test dates and homework reminders.  Students now have an opportunity to get their homework where they receive all of their other information.

One of Mr. Gagliardi’s students, Chase Fowler, told the Buzz that, “The twitter makes things easier, I check what my Spanish homework was, right after reading some Will Ferrell Parody tweets.” The Twitter also has a fun side to it, in which students have attempted to make #elmundo a trend.

Facebook has also been a source for information by teachers. Mrs. Okamoto in particular has set up multiple Facebook pages to assist her students; one where students can help each other and another where she post updates to remind students about important due dates. Alex Muniz, an AP Chemistry students said, “The Facebook page has saved me a few times, reminding me about assignments I forgot to do.”

The internet has become a second classroom for the teachers at BHS. And, as the results show, there has been much success within the BHS community.

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Poetry Out Loud

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by Editor-in-Chief Marisa Kaplita

This past Tuesday on February 14th during period six 15 BHSers battled it out on the stage; Aria Jones, Henry Jin, Ben Shao, Christina Smith, Chrissy Beaulac, Kaity Robbins, Pompeo Mazella, Brianna DeNegris, Jennifer Lassen, Rachel Hanchuruck, Michelle Caron, Meglin Bodner, Jenny Flynn, Bryanna Willaby, and Ziqi Wang were all participators of the Poetry Out Loud Competition.

For this competition all the students picked a poem from a list on this website: ranging from different writers, lengths and styles.  Once a poem is chosen it is the competitors job to memorize and resight the work.  But its not a memorization competition, its a battle of expression and emotion.  Each student put his or her own flare into his or her work and learned to feel all the emotions the poet was trying to convey to his audience.

Mrs. Baker, 11th grade English teacher and Yearbook director, was the organizer for the event and stood by the stage encouraging the students as they read their poems and helped them if they were stuck on a line.   The judges where Mr. Miller and Mr. Matthiessen, both English teachers, who assessed each performance for physical presence, voice and articulation, dramatic appropriateness, level of difficulty, evidence of understanding, accuracy, and overall performance.

Brianna DeNegris came in first place with her poem, and Rachel Hanchuruck was runner up.  Unfortunately, it seems that since both students are involved in the Spring Musical, which is around the same time as the State Competion, there is a chance that neither will be able to perform at state level.  In the event of a scheduling conflict, Jenny Flynn, who won 3rd place will go and represent our school.

All the students did a fantastic job filling the shoes of their poets and they all presented their poems with moxie and excitement!

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A Blast from the Past: Valentines Day

Ever wonder what our school was like 30 years ago? Or even 50 years ago?  Now you don’t have to; our staff has uncovered a “vault” of Branford Newspapers that date all the way back to the 1950’s!

Here’s a look at the different ways our school celebrated Valentines Day….

This survey was completed by the students who attended BHS in March of 1982, a full 30 years ago!  And even though its been 30 years  maybe the opinions aren’t so different to the ones that students in 2012 have today?

This passage taken from a Branford High School version of the Buzz called The Hornet that features a couple who were celebrating the spirit of Valentines Day.  This article was published on February 17, 1965 from our school over 50 years ago!

I hope everyone had a great 2012 Valentines Day!


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Valentines Fever!

It’s February 14th and Valentines Day has spread through the hallways of Branford High through song, flowers, and spirit!  It seems like everyone took part in celebrating this holiday of love; whether you were singing with the Music Makers to red-faced students, buying pink carnations to support Interact, or laughing over your “match maker” surveys.  Valentines Day at BHS is a time for fun, giddiness, and LOTS of embarrassment for friends! Thanks to everyone who helped make the holiday a little bit brighter this year.

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