Editor’s Picks: Valentines Day Movies

Looking for a movie to snuggle up and watch this February 14th?  Well, our staff has picked out the best ones for you!

Valentines Date Out

The Vow is a perfect movie made for Valentines Day couples looking for something romantic with a little twist to traditional love stories. Then end the date with a drive over to Friendly’s and order one Fribble and two straws.






Movie Night In

Not big on going out?  That’s fine, just snuggle up on the couch with this classic love story.  And guys don’t start sighing, this movie will even make you laugh.  It’s a story full of adventure, revenge, sword fighting, and true love.  And don’t forget the buttered popcorn, and lots of it!






Single Ladies

For all you single girls out there, you shouldn’t miss out on Valentines Day either, so sit back and relax with comedy starting Steve Carel  (and Ryan Gosling 😉 ).   And make yourself a delicious smoothie; I recommend a Choco-peanut butter- banana one.  Here’s the recipe: http://www.foodchannel.com/recipes/recipe/peanut-butter-chocolate-banana-smoothie/






Single Guys

Valentines Day isn’t just for the girls, get the guys together and put on this movie, its the perfect mix of action and Megan Fox with a little love story thrown into the mix.  Order in some pizza and make root beer floats for dessert to top it all off.








V-Day with the Family

Gnomeo and Juliet is the perfect movie to watch with the family.  It’s guaranteed to get a laugh from everyone on the couch.  Mix this movie with a Breakfast for Dinner Night and you’ve got the perfect mix for a Valentines Day.








Newly Singles

For all you coming from fresh break ups, grab a box of tissues, a jar of Nutella, and a spoon.  Curl up on the couch and put on reruns of  How I Met Your Mother, a show that teaches you that no matter how many breakups you go through you will always end up with “the one”.




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