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Tech Expo at WIS

Wednesday May 23, Walsh hosted a Tech Expo for everyone to share the importance of technology as a tool for teaching.  Technology changes everyday, and it is important for schools to keep up to date with all the newest technology and the Branford School District is doing it’s best to keep up!



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Froyo on the Home Front!!!

by Alexandra Augustak

Listen up Froyo fans! No need to drive all the way to New Haven to satisfy your yogurt loving sweet tooth anymore- Froyo is coming to Branford! As of now, not a lot of information could be divulged, but you can expect a Branford location by the end of summer this year. Stay in touch with the BHS Buzz for more updates on all things Froyo!

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Branford Tree Lighting 2011

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Photo Credit: Emily McColl ’13

The Tree Lighting has been a Branford tradition for many years and it would not be as great as it is without the participation from the students at BHS.  The Interact Club was featured in the parade with with their Harry Potter themed float; complete with Hogwarts castle and all!  The woodtect classes even constructed one of the floats used in the parade, and the BHS choir provided the music to lead the Christmas sing-a-longs.  The Branford Tree Lighting wass a great way to start the Holiday seasons!

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by Alyssa Mason

On October 9th, the AP art students and sculpture students showed off their incredible skills on the town green by making a giant wave out of recycled water bottles and other recyclable materials. Something unique about the sculpture, other than being completely recyclable, is that they built the sculpture on site.   The art students had to make the different sections of the sculpture at school and then put them all together at the green. This is because it was too big to transport the sculpture as a whole.

In the end, all of the students were very proud of their work, Grace Hager said, “The Illuminaqua was six weeks of intensive sculptured work that paid off in the end with a beautiful piece.”  And their hard work definitely did pay off; it was an amazing piece of art.

In addition to the sculpture, lights and sounds were set up to make an interesting and beautiful effect.  Mrs. Paskiwiez , the AP art teacher who was the advisor on this project, said, “It was a collaboration of AP art and sculpture students working together, using recyclable bottles to create a beautiful sculptural wave.  They all worked so well together and did an incredibly good job.”  All of the artists should be very proud of the sculpture, it was truly remarkable.

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The Golden Mic Comedy Club

By Ryan Viglione


            This past weekend, I attended the kick off show of the newly opened Golden Mic Comedy Club started by Branford High School’s very own Greg Nobile. Most of you have seen Greg’s talented acting in the school plays and singing in the school’s choir; he is a very motivated person.  For those of you who don’t know, the club is located in the Branford Center across from Benny J’s Pizzeria. Small, yet ambitious, the club drew a large crowd along with performers David Foster of MTV and BHS alum Mike Golod. Both were hilarious and had audience members rolling on the floor and raving about the comedians. Not only was Nobile able to provide entertainment in the Golden Mic, there were also refreshments consisting of ice cold soda pop, delicious pizza, tea, and hot chocolate.   Gio Esposito, a BHS senior, said that “Greg Nobile’s club is an amazing way to spend my Friday night.” The doorman/bouncer, Emmett Cassiday, said the club was “fantabulous” and I agree with him.  After the show, Greg told me he had the idea for the club three weeks ago in New York and that he is planning on hosting more shows and hopefully have an open mic night with musical artists. All in all, the club was fantastic and is definitely here to stay.

golden-mic-040golden-mic-053golden-mic-069 Photos: (left) Greg Nobile, (middle) Mike Golod, (right) David Foster

Photos taken by Rachel Rimm

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Skate Culture 101

Kelsey Horrigan

     The urban blend of art and function brings a whole new meaning to world style. There’s a huge style staple within every school and community and that’s Skate Culture. Conversations between the skaters range from the “nastiest” trick to where they buy their clothes and shoes. The “shredders” have their own unique style.

     Clothing is a huge part of the skating lifestyle. Many skaters wear baggy T”s, that is worn for comfort so it’s easy to move, and jeans, that are, “long and thick denim to protect your ankles from shark bite[1].” Says John Records, “Plus they look damn sexy”. The places to shop are Skate liar in Enfield, Dayone in Bridgeport, and Transit in New York City. Some of the more popular brands advertised in Thrasher magazine are the brands of LRG, Upper playground, Levis, and Diamond.

     Last but not least the ever important skate shoe ranging from the Nike SB, Adidas, és, and Vox, Pat Vigorito was quoted as saying, “skate shoes are padded so you’re feet don’t get busted up.”

    The clothes are stylish and have a defining function. Skate Culture is about function but the skaters keep buying for the style, bright colors, interesting patterns and designs are a real foreground for artistic images and creative thinking. A major foot hold in the fashion and art world. Skate Culture is a fashion where personal style is really reflected in what is worn. It has no boundaries or rules as to the creativity established in this area of fashion.

[1] Shark Bite- getting bashed in the ankles by a skate board.

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Part of the Bigger Picture

By Shannon Thomas
One of the biggest issues being discussed in the news today is the environment. There are many people in Connecticut that are concerned about the government’s involvement with saving resources and preserving the planet. Even though there aren’t many big cities in our state, we still contribute to the way the environment is today. The first way is with, of course, global warming. We all know that the earth’s climate is changing, and that if nothing is done to prevent this, then there will be many problems in the future (like Florida being submerged in water when the glaciers totally melt). In this state, unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of action being taken to prevent this. The Connecticut DEP has put items in place, such as the Global Warming Solutions Act, which is trying to decrease pollution by 10 percent by 2020. This is a step in the right direction for Connecticut, and hopefully we’ll achieve this.
Governor Jodi Rell passed a bill in 2007 that works to reduce the amount of energy used and invests in energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy. It includes tax breaks for energy star appliances and cars that get 40 miles or more to the gallon. “Green” building standards are also included with these new laws, making a lot of businesses better for the environment. The bill is going towards helping the country stop being so dependent on natural resources.

While all this is going on concerning preserving our planet for the future, there are still some things going on that are directly harmful to the environment. We all remember when the smell of dead fish surrounded the football field. Though that wasn’t caused by pollution, it’s an example of what the results are when people mess with the environment. Just recently in Branford there was a lawsuit about river. Atlantic Wire Company was accused of dumping toxic waste in the Branford River 21 times since 2005. That company has agreed to pay almost 2 million dollars to the state because of it (both the Department of Environmental Protection and the Connecticut Fund for the Environment). If something like this could happen in our own hometown, then we know that there are worse things going on in the more populated parts of the country. This begs the question: if no one cares what is happening to the environment, then how can it ever get better? If more people in places like Connecticut did care, then things would change, and the future of the planet wouldn’t nearly be as uncertain as it is right now.

Though we live in a small town in the state of Connecticut, our actions can make a difference in the overall condition of the environment. Learning about some of the problems that not only affect us, but other places in the country, is the first step that everyone must take. Protecting the environment is for the benefit of everyone that lives on this planet.

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