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Award Winning Year Book

By Liz Tate

The 2008 Branford High School Milestone yearbook won four marks of distinction from the National Scholastic Press Association.

The NSPA rated The Milestone yearbook a 42.50 out of a possible 45 points.

This puts The Milestone in the top 5% of the best yearbooks produced in the country.

In fact, one of the judges said, “What you produce here is a college quality yearbook.”

With award winning coverage, photos, concept, and design, Mrs. Butler wants it to be known that she is only the staff’s “cheerleader,” and that she gives them free reign to produce the yearbook.

She gives all the credit to the editor-in-chief, and other staff members.

Jack Prior, 2008 Editor-in-chief and graduate of the class of 2008 definitely deserves some recognition and praise.

He got everyone to do all they needed to do in order for The Milestone to be the award-winning yearbook it is today.

Let’s just hope that this year’s Editor-in-chief, Morgan Krause and her Co-Editor-in-Chief, Lauren Hackett can do just as good a job, or even better.

Lauren Hackett says, “since this is the first year for our all color yearbook, we hope that everyone will enjoy the new change and be motivated to buy a book.”

With this new change our yearbook should be brought to a new level, making it even better than before.


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Fall Sports

By Alice Ni

Girl’s Soccer- After last year’s phenomenal season, the girl’s soccer team set higher expectations for themselves for this year. But although they played well, it wasn’t enough. Chelsea O’Connor who plays defense said that, “We’re all really athletic, talented, and hardworking, but we got really discouraged once our season started out rough and we never got back into things until the very end when it was too late.” The girl’s highlight for this season was beating East Haven after they had been beaten by them once already earlier in the season. The girl’s season ended with a record of 6-10. Coming off of such a great season last year, the girls had to play harder teams outside of their division this year, which is where most of their losses came from.

Girl’s Field Hockey- Just like previous years, the girl’s field hockey team performed well throughout the entire season. Kristina Ruotolom who plays center half backm said: “this was a very successful year, we were defensively strong and had a young offense, but it worked well.” The girls accomplished many goals, such as beating their long time rival, Hand- Madison twice, and winning the SCC Title Championship.

Girl’s Volleyball- This year’s girl’s volleyball team has set a high standard for the next seasons. The girls had a regular season record of 12-6. The four seniors, Zoe Lowe, Lexi Pepe, Danielle Bourne, and Nablissa Lomotey led the team with great poise that gave the rest of the girl’s motivation to play harder and better. The team won their Divison Championship defeating other teams like rival East Haven and North Haven.

Girl’s Swimming- The girl’s swimming team has performed up to par as expected. Throughout most of the season, the girls were undefeated until their loss to Cheshire. Two of the most anticipated meets were against Shelton, who beat them last year, and Amity. The girls defeated both of the teams along with every other team they faced, with the exception of Cheshire. Many of the girls qualified for state’s, and their great efforts left them with a strong 4th place finish.

Boy’s Soccer- The boy’s soccer season ended with a record of 4- 12. The team was led by captains Scott Berges, Matt Schell, and Matt Ragonese. The captains next year have been chosen as Nildi Pino, Tommy Verderame, and James D’ Amico.

Football- With two more games to go in the regular season, the football team has a 5-4 record. This year’s team has improved greatly compared to last season, with big wins over North Haven and Lyman Hall. In the game against Lyman Hall, the boys played excellent defense and completely stopped their opponent’s offense from gaining any points.

Congratulations to all of the Fall sports!

Look in the next issue of the Buzz for coverage of the Winter sports.

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Connecticut Joins Massachusetts in Legalizing Gay Marriage

by Merissa Blitz

Massachusetts was the only state that allowed gay marriage until October 10, 2008, when the Connecticut Supreme Court came to the conclusion to allow same-sex couples to be married rather than just being joined by a civil union law. This past Wednesday, November 12, 2008, Hartford started to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples.

From October 2005 to July 2008, 2,032 civil union licenses were issued. That is a lot of marriages coming up! The radio station Kiss 95.7 is helping one couple’s dream come true by making a contest to have a gay/lesbian couple’s marriage broadcasted on their station and on Fox 61 Thursday, November 13, 2008. The couple that was chosen, Jenny and Jen, are residents of West Hartford and mothers to three children.

This is a very exciting time in the history of gay/lesbian marriages in Connecticut. Maybe, soon, the rest of the country will follow in our footsteps to becoming a more excepting government.

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The Dreaded Senior Ex

By Jenna Grande

As if senior year wasn’t stressful enough. With college applications, tough classes, and extra curricular activities like sports and clubs, fulfilling graduation requirements adds another necessity to do. One of these requirements is creating and following through with a senior project, or, as many know it, senior ex. For those freshman or new students who don’t know what it is, senior exhibition is a project all seniors must complete with at least a score of 3 out of 5 in order to graduate. Students can pick any topic to do their project on. For example, if one has always wanted to learn how to play golf and is athletic, his or her project can be on learning to play golf. This project can be made fun if a good topic is chosen. It really is a great way to practice organization skills and other life skills while also having fun with whatever it is one chooses to do or learn!

However, some students do not necessarily agree with the idea of having such a big project. They feel, with it being so time consuming and stressful, it takes away time they could be focusing on colleges and class work. “Senior Ex has great intentions,” says senior Whitney Biancur but she, like many other seniors, feel it’s just too consuming. Despite the critical reviews of senior ex, it still gets done.

Senior ex is going to be required throughout the state in the near future so it’s important students start thinking about what they want to do early and plan it out to make it possible. Passing and getting it done are two important things about senior ex but perhaps the most important thing about it is having fun while learning something new; and that’s the best part.

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The Truth About Teenage Driving

by Merissa Blitz

      Now that we’re all in highschool, driving to school, and to other places, has become more common. Friends drive each other to school, to afterschool activities, to parties, and much more. However, laws passed on August 1st have made these pastimes a little harder to partake in. To be eligible for a driver’s license, a teen that has recieved a permit after August 1, 2008 has to complete 30 hours of classes, 8 hours of on road driving through their driving school, 2 hours of parent training, and 32 extra hours of on road driving with a home trainer. The reason for putting on all of these restrictions is because of the fatal results of teen car crashes. Even though many teens are driving, that doesn’t mean they’re good at it. Motor vehicles are the leading cause of death of teenagers. About 40% of all teen deaths are a result from a motor vehicle accident. 
     What do teens think about all this? “I think that most teen car crashes involve teens who are drunk driving,” says Natschja Ratanapryul. “When I’m driving people home from school I tend to get distracted by talking to them,” adds Kelsey Zielinski. Brandon Lucibello says, “I think that most teenage crashe invlove people talking or texting on their cellphone. According to a 2005 survey of 1,000 people ages 15-17 that was conducted by the Allstate Foundation, 56% of young drivers use cell phones while driving, 69% said that they speed to keep up with traffic, 64% said they speed to go through a yellow light, 47% said that passengers sometimes distract them and nearly half said they believed that most crashes involving teens result from drunk driving.

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