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Award Winning Year Book

By Liz Tate

The 2008 Branford High School Milestone yearbook won four marks of distinction from the National Scholastic Press Association.

The NSPA rated The Milestone yearbook a 42.50 out of a possible 45 points.

This puts The Milestone in the top 5% of the best yearbooks produced in the country.

In fact, one of the judges said, “What you produce here is a college quality yearbook.”

With award winning coverage, photos, concept, and design, Mrs. Butler wants it to be known that she is only the staff’s “cheerleader,” and that she gives them free reign to produce the yearbook.

She gives all the credit to the editor-in-chief, and other staff members.

Jack Prior, 2008 Editor-in-chief and graduate of the class of 2008 definitely deserves some recognition and praise.

He got everyone to do all they needed to do in order for The Milestone to be the award-winning yearbook it is today.

Let’s just hope that this year’s Editor-in-chief, Morgan Krause and her Co-Editor-in-Chief, Lauren Hackett can do just as good a job, or even better.

Lauren Hackett says, “since this is the first year for our all color yearbook, we hope that everyone will enjoy the new change and be motivated to buy a book.”

With this new change our yearbook should be brought to a new level, making it even better than before.

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Student Wins Writing Award

By Madeline Alden

Cole Freeman, a senior here at BHS, was recently awarded a prestigious national writing award. He was one of 525 high school seniors across the country to win the award. Only 10 students from Connecticut were honored by the National Council of Teachers of English Achievement Awards in Writing in 2007. In all, 1,789 students were nominated.

To even be considered for this award, a student must be nominated by an English teacher. Each school can only nominate two juniors per year. Cole Freeman was nominated by Mrs. Lucibello, his teacher for English 11 Honors.

For the submitted work, Freeman sent in a character sketch but the piece he had really wanted to send had accidentally been deleted by his brother beforehand.

The next task was a timed essay under supervision. The bigger challenge for Freeman was to write under time constraints with few options to choose from. The theme he chose was dirty politics.

When asked about his writing Cole said, “I never considered my writing to be that good, but apparently they thought so.” And that they did.

Freeman may be modest, but due to his talent, the English program and the teachers are recognized by the NCTE.

Freeman’s name will also be published in a booklet that is sent to the members of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives in addition to the NCTE leaders.

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