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The Golden Mic Comedy Club

By Ryan Viglione


            This past weekend, I attended the kick off show of the newly opened Golden Mic Comedy Club started by Branford High School’s very own Greg Nobile. Most of you have seen Greg’s talented acting in the school plays and singing in the school’s choir; he is a very motivated person.  For those of you who don’t know, the club is located in the Branford Center across from Benny J’s Pizzeria. Small, yet ambitious, the club drew a large crowd along with performers David Foster of MTV and BHS alum Mike Golod. Both were hilarious and had audience members rolling on the floor and raving about the comedians. Not only was Nobile able to provide entertainment in the Golden Mic, there were also refreshments consisting of ice cold soda pop, delicious pizza, tea, and hot chocolate.   Gio Esposito, a BHS senior, said that “Greg Nobile’s club is an amazing way to spend my Friday night.” The doorman/bouncer, Emmett Cassiday, said the club was “fantabulous” and I agree with him.  After the show, Greg told me he had the idea for the club three weeks ago in New York and that he is planning on hosting more shows and hopefully have an open mic night with musical artists. All in all, the club was fantastic and is definitely here to stay.

golden-mic-040golden-mic-053golden-mic-069 Photos: (left) Greg Nobile, (middle) Mike Golod, (right) David Foster

Photos taken by Rachel Rimm


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Peace Jammers Go to the U.N.

By Sean Smith
Peace Jam Field Trip to the U.N.

The peace loving school club Peace Jam ventured to New York City a month ago to visit the United Nations. There they heard the “messengers of peace” speak about the various troubles around the world. Some of the guest speakers included Jane Goodall, actor Michael Douglas, and author of a series of moving novels about the Holocaust, Elie Wiesel.

Peace Jammer Tara Leite says “I learned about the situations in Liberia and Afghanistan, and ways to spread the news about various world issues.”

The field trip seemed to be a real eye opener for the members of Peace Jam as it was both moving and informative.

Tara says people should “realize the great opportunities that [they] are presented with” when they join these great clubs and various youth groups.

If you are interested in joining Peace Jam, please visit Ms. Shirley for more information.

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