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Upcoming Blood Drive

 By Hannah Kahl

blood drive On October 30, 2009 BHS is having a blood drive from 8:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m. in the old gym.

Donating blood is one of the easiest ways to save someone’s life. People often forget that some people rely on donated blood to be able to live their lives. Blood is needed for emergencies and for people who have cancer, blood disorders, anemia and other illnesses. People that have cancer or a blood disorder may need regular blood transfusions to live. One donation of blood can save up to three lives and after donating you will feel good about yourself knowing that you might have just saved a child, a brother, or a sister. Giving blood is an easy process and I believe that everyone should give blood at least once in their life. Many people will say “oh well I’m scared of needles!” My reply to those people would be the pain and suffering of those in need of blood is far greater than the prick of a needle. The caregivers at the blood donation centers are well trained, and will tend to your every need. People react in many different ways but no one will ever be allowed to leave until they are ready. Some people may feel light-headed, some people may feel anxious, others may feel nothing at all but all donors are equally evaluated to make sure they are feeling fine when they leave.

 People rely on every type of blood but O negative blood is very rare and always in short supply. No matter what your type of blood please consider donating. All blood is needed all the time.

To be eligible to donate blood you must be at least 17 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be in generally good health.

 Be there and make a difference!

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The Golden Mic Comedy Club

By Ryan Viglione


            This past weekend, I attended the kick off show of the newly opened Golden Mic Comedy Club started by Branford High School’s very own Greg Nobile. Most of you have seen Greg’s talented acting in the school plays and singing in the school’s choir; he is a very motivated person.  For those of you who don’t know, the club is located in the Branford Center across from Benny J’s Pizzeria. Small, yet ambitious, the club drew a large crowd along with performers David Foster of MTV and BHS alum Mike Golod. Both were hilarious and had audience members rolling on the floor and raving about the comedians. Not only was Nobile able to provide entertainment in the Golden Mic, there were also refreshments consisting of ice cold soda pop, delicious pizza, tea, and hot chocolate.   Gio Esposito, a BHS senior, said that “Greg Nobile’s club is an amazing way to spend my Friday night.” The doorman/bouncer, Emmett Cassiday, said the club was “fantabulous” and I agree with him.  After the show, Greg told me he had the idea for the club three weeks ago in New York and that he is planning on hosting more shows and hopefully have an open mic night with musical artists. All in all, the club was fantastic and is definitely here to stay.

golden-mic-040golden-mic-053golden-mic-069 Photos: (left) Greg Nobile, (middle) Mike Golod, (right) David Foster

Photos taken by Rachel Rimm

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Drive-In Movie Theaters: They Still Exist!

By Hannah Kahl

aaaaaaabc            Many people think of drive-in movie theaters as a thing of the past, but there are still some drive-in movie theaters around. The first drive-in movie theater opened in New Jersey in 1933. Drive-in movie theaters continued to be very popular throughout the next few decades, especially during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Drive-ins were known as the place to be on a summer night. Parents would take their kids to see the most recently released movie and teenagers in high school loved going to the drive-in. 90% of all drive-ins are now gone in the United States, but there are two left in Connecticut. The drive-ins in Connecticut that remain are the Mansfield Drive-In and the Pleasant Valley Drive-In. There used to be a drive-in movie theater in Branford called the Summit Drive-In on the Branford Hill. Surrounding towns, such as East Haven, Milford, and West Haven all had drive-ins as well.

            This past summer I got to go to a drive-in movie theater in Malta, New York and it was such a great experience. The drive-in my family and I went to was just a big unpaved field with two screens set up. Each movie could hold about 150 cars. We saw the movie Orphan, which is a scary movie and watching it at the drive-in made it even scarier. The cars are lined up in total blackness with no lights in view. You are not even allowed to drive in with your headlights on.

            The show begins with the old commercials from the fifties and sixties. There is a countdown to the feature film so that those people who have walked to the snack bar may return in time. Some of the old speakers that are set on poles are still in operating condition, but most people listen to the sound through the car radio. We loved it so much we went back again before the summer was over and saw The Final Destination. Some people that were at the drive-in had chairs set up, but my family and I just stayed in the car and watched. It is much better than the expensive, and typical, Branford Regal Movie Theater. Many drive-ins still offer car load night which is one price for the entire car no matter how many people come in. The drive- in asks that you purchase snacks from the snack bar but most people bring in coolers and food. I wish we still had a drive-in movie theater in Branford because it is a great and entertaining way to see new movies on a hot summer night.

Photo from Here.

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The Red Tide

local artists you ought to knowInspired by Vh1’s You Oughta Know.

The Red Tide

(An interview with the new local band The Red Tide with Matt Schell and Sam Blackstone)newspaper2

The Buzz: You’re called the Red Tide. Why did you choose that?

The Red Tide: You may have noticed the video we projected at Mr. BHS. Well, as Matt looked at different videos to include, he found a bunch on the red tide, an algae bloom that occurs in New England and Florida.  The tide makes great impact on the ecosystem and literally changes the water color to red. Similar to the tide, we’re trying to change music and bring in some different colors of our own.

B: Have you played out much?

RT: We’ve played every show we’ve ever been offered. Most of the shows have been at the high school and a few have been at the Guilford Congressional Church. We’re very new, which makes it difficult to get a gig. But, after we get a few recordings done and create some advertisement, we’ll be playing at places like The Space.

B: What style of music do you play?

RT: Well, I’m not really sure. It’s kind of like The White Stripes got into a crash with Beck and Radiohead and out popped something great. We’re trying to make something new and exciting.

B: Do you do covers? Or is it all original music?

RT: No, we don’t do any covers. All of the songs are completely original, even some of the tones on the piano have been custom made to give that extra uniqueness. Matt does all of the song writing, but he works with Sam to find the perfect beat to match the music style.
B: Are there any famous bands/musicians who greatly influence you?

RT: Our band has a very wide of influences. As mentioned earlier we have a sound that gives hints of The White Stripes and Beck. But, we’re always searching more new and interesting sounds to give us inspiration. Recently, we found the band Mute Math, a new band with an amazing drummer and electronic sound that sounds like nothing else. We are also influenced by some of the older blues masters and even get into jams that are derived from some of the funk masters newspaper1from the 70’s.

B: Tell me about any new stuff.

RT: We have a ton of new stuff coming out. First off, we hope to have eight recorded songs done by the end of June that we’ll be able to make into an album titled, Within the Tide. We have also designed a few t-shirts and stickers that we’ll be giving away. If you would like to hear what we sound like, we have a new myspace (www.myspace.com/theredtidect) that will be constantly updated.  Also, we are considering expanding, adding a bass player to the group. We’re still searching, so if you like our style, and play bass, let one of know!

Thanks to the members of The Red Tide. Good luck!

By Rachel Rimm

Photo credit: Miranda Platt

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BEF Fundraiser

By Madeline Alden

On a rainy Wednesday, the atmosphere inside Lenny’s Restaurant was anything but dreary. The mellow sound of “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson could be heard in the background sung by a local artist, Don Fillian, who provided the entertainment for the crowd of 50 or so people. The evening’s festivities were part of a fundraiser for the Branford Education Foundation, which is trying to help support public education in the town.

The BEF was founded in 2004 and has since raised more than $87,000 for educational programs that couldn’t be funded by the Board of Education, according to BEF organizers. The BEF’s latest fundraiser was the silent auction at Lenny’s on April 22 which raised approximately $8,000. Programs such as the Solar Energy Program and Earth Week/Arbor Day Initiative Projects have been awarded $2,500 and $1,800 to Branford High School in 2009. All program proposals have been reviewed by a board of teachers and about 95% of the cases proposed go through and are funded by BEF. BEF also awarded $3,700 to Branford High School principal Lee Panagoulias and social studies teacher Joel Hinrichs for a trip to China as part of Shandong Principal and Teacher Shadow Program.

BEF was founded by Bob Babcock. He also founded the Cheshire Education Foundation in Cheshire, Connecticut. BEF is an organization that “raises private funding for public programs that funding wasn’t granted to by the board of education,” Bob Babcock explains, “I feel that the better a public system is in a community the better the community is as a whole and having a fund allows us to support public education.”  There are about 70 EF’s in CT.

For the silent auction, many local restaurants and companies donated items to bid. These items included a bike from Zane’s, an Owenego club membership, spa and restaurant gift cards and much more. All proceeds profit BEF, which in turn profits Branford’s education. The sponsors of the event were happy to contribute to BEF; one of them was Guilford Savings Bank. “We always contribute scholarships to Branford and the surrounding area to give back to the community,” said Salvatore Mancuso, the Branford Branch Manager of Guilford Savings Bank.

“I think that it is fabulous that we have BEF in the town; it is the people of the town who want to support us and they do,” says John Prins, a board member of BEF

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Dr. Rocktopus and the Nunks


Inspired by Vh1’s You Oughta Know.

Meet Dr. Rocktopus and the Nunks


Photo Credit: Madeline Alden

They are a local band from Guilford with an unusual sound and I got a chance to interview Jesse the singer from Doc Roc.

-Madeline Alden

What towns are the members from?
We’re all from Guilford, CT
Jesse Duran Crelin- Bass and Vox
Dave Vitola- Guitar
Dalton Patton- Drums
Will Gratz- Sax
Mat Auretta- Trumpet and Synth


Photo credit: Zach Elston

When did the band form?
Freshman Year so ’07ish. We got together to play 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago.

What genres/bands does doc roc sound like?
I always say we’re Acoustic Electronica (impossible)–> but no one seems to laugh. I guess you could say we sound like Alt. Rock with horns. I can tell you that though we have 1 ska song and 1 reggae song, but that we are not “ska”. Though when people see horns they like to say it.—don’t get me wrong I love and respect ska it’s just not us—- we have probably too many influences. Rx Bandits are defiantly a key one; The Beatles are gods of melody so they continuously inspire me, and everything else. I’ve listened to everything from The Beatles to BigE Smalls to Miles Davis to Tower of Power to Enter Shakari to The Mars Volta to The Cold War Kids, today. So it’s hard to say what we sound like, or where the music we play comes from.

Does Doc Rock have any claims to fame, which is the best artist you’ve shared the stage with

Claims to fame: hair, horns and volume

We have won a few Battle of the Bands(es) and played some decently large shows.
Best artist we’ve shared the stage with would have to be Great Ceasar and the Go Getters cause they’re awesome

Also its really fun to play with our friends From Dark To Dawn!

Anything new such as CDs, Merchandise or tours/shows?

5 song EP coming VERY SOON !!!!
Merch is the usual- t-shirts and stickers
Many many shows:
*May 16th Battle of the Bands Final Round The Space in Hamden.
*May 23th Amity Teen Center (pending)
*May 24th The Playwright New Haven(pending)
*May 29th Lawrence Long Island BOTB(pending)
*June 5th – Toads Place YAYY!! – New Haven
* June 6th Town Of Guilford BOTB
*June 13th Waterford B.O.M.B Fest


Photo Credit (from Left to right): Laura Robinson, Madeline Alden, and Lucas Cecchetto
If you are interested in more about Doc Rock check out their myspace

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Part of the Bigger Picture

By Shannon Thomas
One of the biggest issues being discussed in the news today is the environment. There are many people in Connecticut that are concerned about the government’s involvement with saving resources and preserving the planet. Even though there aren’t many big cities in our state, we still contribute to the way the environment is today. The first way is with, of course, global warming. We all know that the earth’s climate is changing, and that if nothing is done to prevent this, then there will be many problems in the future (like Florida being submerged in water when the glaciers totally melt). In this state, unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of action being taken to prevent this. The Connecticut DEP has put items in place, such as the Global Warming Solutions Act, which is trying to decrease pollution by 10 percent by 2020. This is a step in the right direction for Connecticut, and hopefully we’ll achieve this.
Governor Jodi Rell passed a bill in 2007 that works to reduce the amount of energy used and invests in energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy. It includes tax breaks for energy star appliances and cars that get 40 miles or more to the gallon. “Green” building standards are also included with these new laws, making a lot of businesses better for the environment. The bill is going towards helping the country stop being so dependent on natural resources.

While all this is going on concerning preserving our planet for the future, there are still some things going on that are directly harmful to the environment. We all remember when the smell of dead fish surrounded the football field. Though that wasn’t caused by pollution, it’s an example of what the results are when people mess with the environment. Just recently in Branford there was a lawsuit about river. Atlantic Wire Company was accused of dumping toxic waste in the Branford River 21 times since 2005. That company has agreed to pay almost 2 million dollars to the state because of it (both the Department of Environmental Protection and the Connecticut Fund for the Environment). If something like this could happen in our own hometown, then we know that there are worse things going on in the more populated parts of the country. This begs the question: if no one cares what is happening to the environment, then how can it ever get better? If more people in places like Connecticut did care, then things would change, and the future of the planet wouldn’t nearly be as uncertain as it is right now.

Though we live in a small town in the state of Connecticut, our actions can make a difference in the overall condition of the environment. Learning about some of the problems that not only affect us, but other places in the country, is the first step that everyone must take. Protecting the environment is for the benefit of everyone that lives on this planet.

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