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Wild About Animal Prints

by Madeline Alden

 Animal prints will never go out of style; with their fierce origins and exotic style, they will continue to remain in many peoples’ wardrobes. Incorporating animal prints into your outfit is easy. For a more subtle look just pair a cheetah print cardigan with a white tee, dark skinny jeans and boots. For a more eye catching look like Justine, wear a snake skin print dress. Justine Morgane jokingly says, “The print is like a second skin to me” about the dress.

Coral’s wild outfit was worn for a dress up day for the swim team but her outfit is another example of how fierce and dramatic animal prints can be. Another great combination is a black dress with cheetah print tights. Tights can add a striking touch to the Little Black Dress look.

First photo (left): Justine Morgan, second photo (right): Coral Serranno-Bennit


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September Student Fashion

djghjsdfh 003ghfdhjf 046djghjsdfh 002By Madeline Alden

This fall, the trends most apparent in the halls of Branford High School are floral prints, high-waisted skirts and plaid.

While plaid has always gone in and out of fashion, the contemporary look appears to be more fitted shirts and dresses. Many students are wearing this trend, while sporting a plaid dress Steph Dahlin says, “I think it’s cool that plaid is in style again. You could dress it up or down.” Steph Dahlin’s purple plaid dress is a chic alternative on the 90’s grunge staple.

            Floral prints are reminiscent of the summer so it is no surprise that they are very prominent this fall. Bright bold florals are big this year with their feminine pattern and summery charm. Rachel Baker pulls in this trend with a floral shirt and t-shirt combo, Rachel’s stance on style is “I love when an outfit looks effortless yet everything ties together into a distinct style.”

Put way the mini’s because high-waisted shirts are back in style. Currently many students at Branford are wearing high-waisted shirts with a tee for a casual look or spicing the trend up with a ruffled blouse. One of the students is Erika Zocher who says, “I think that the high-waisted skirt trend is really great because it reminds me of the 40’s or 50’s, and I’ve always wished I could live back then,” about this look.

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Skate Culture 101

Kelsey Horrigan

     The urban blend of art and function brings a whole new meaning to world style. There’s a huge style staple within every school and community and that’s Skate Culture. Conversations between the skaters range from the “nastiest” trick to where they buy their clothes and shoes. The “shredders” have their own unique style.

     Clothing is a huge part of the skating lifestyle. Many skaters wear baggy T”s, that is worn for comfort so it’s easy to move, and jeans, that are, “long and thick denim to protect your ankles from shark bite[1].” Says John Records, “Plus they look damn sexy”. The places to shop are Skate liar in Enfield, Dayone in Bridgeport, and Transit in New York City. Some of the more popular brands advertised in Thrasher magazine are the brands of LRG, Upper playground, Levis, and Diamond.

     Last but not least the ever important skate shoe ranging from the Nike SB, Adidas, és, and Vox, Pat Vigorito was quoted as saying, “skate shoes are padded so you’re feet don’t get busted up.”

    The clothes are stylish and have a defining function. Skate Culture is about function but the skaters keep buying for the style, bright colors, interesting patterns and designs are a real foreground for artistic images and creative thinking. A major foot hold in the fashion and art world. Skate Culture is a fashion where personal style is really reflected in what is worn. It has no boundaries or rules as to the creativity established in this area of fashion.

[1] Shark Bite- getting bashed in the ankles by a skate board.

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Fashion Alert: Peace, Love, and…Scarves?

By Merissa Blitz

Photos- Madeline Alden


This school year, many new fashion trends have bloomed. The two most popular seem to be the peace sign and the scarf. You can see many of the street vendors in places like New York City carrying scarves and peace sign attire. Scarves are popular at stores such as American Eagle, Hollister, PacSun, and many more. “I love wearing a scarf,” says Ashley Austin, “it goes with my outfit and looks good and, at the same time, it keeps me warms.” Delia’s carries a variety of different clothing options that contain the peace sign; they even have a peace sign scarf! “I made my peace sign in jewelry class,” explains Kearny Sneath “I like to wear it because I support peace and not war.”


People usually wear scarves folded in half and tucked in hanging in front of themselves usually with a plain shirt or a shirt of the matching color and skinny jeans. It’s also fashionable to either wear a scarf around your head like a head band, or as a belt. There isn’t any one specific way to wear a peace sign; instead, they can be placed on anything, and anywhere.  They tend to be on bags, scarves, shirts, drawn on pants, jewelry, and an infinite number of other options.  Though scarves and peace signs are two of the most fashionable items this year, it is important to wear what YOU think looks good, not just what is “in.”

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