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Fashion Alert: Peace, Love, and…Scarves?

By Merissa Blitz

Photos- Madeline Alden


This school year, many new fashion trends have bloomed. The two most popular seem to be the peace sign and the scarf. You can see many of the street vendors in places like New York City carrying scarves and peace sign attire. Scarves are popular at stores such as American Eagle, Hollister, PacSun, and many more. “I love wearing a scarf,” says Ashley Austin, “it goes with my outfit and looks good and, at the same time, it keeps me warms.” Delia’s carries a variety of different clothing options that contain the peace sign; they even have a peace sign scarf! “I made my peace sign in jewelry class,” explains Kearny Sneath “I like to wear it because I support peace and not war.”


People usually wear scarves folded in half and tucked in hanging in front of themselves usually with a plain shirt or a shirt of the matching color and skinny jeans. It’s also fashionable to either wear a scarf around your head like a head band, or as a belt. There isn’t any one specific way to wear a peace sign; instead, they can be placed on anything, and anywhere.  They tend to be on bags, scarves, shirts, drawn on pants, jewelry, and an infinite number of other options.  Though scarves and peace signs are two of the most fashionable items this year, it is important to wear what YOU think looks good, not just what is “in.”


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