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Pep Rally Postponed

The Pep Rally originally scheduled for Friday April 13th has been postponed to the Friday after break, on April 27th.  The cancellation is due to many reasons, but it is probably for the better, because no body wants to have a Pep Rally on Friday the 13th!  Who knows what could happen?


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Seniors vs. Juniors 2011 Game

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The rain that came that morning made most people skeptical that the game would still be on, but Zeus must of had other plans for these high schoolers, because by that afternoon the rain was gone and the Senior and Junior girls were ready to take it all to the field on November 23, where they battled it out for the PowderPuff championship.  As they played on students and faculty of BHS stood and watched as play after play went down.  They both fought valiantly, but unfortunately there can only be one winner in football…….or not! The game ended with an unfortunate Tie, thus making both teams winners this year.  Maybe the Seniors will have better luck next year, but great job to all who played.

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The Start of Girl’s Hockey Team


Photo from PhotoDesign

By Alice Ni

New to this year’s winter sports is the girl’s hockey team. Although the team is only considered a club, the girls are still able to compete against other schools. The team is coached by Lauren Wiggins and Scott Valentine and led by captains Liza Wood (junior), Chandlar Fowler (freshman), and Tori Redding (senior). The squad consists of 16 girls who practice once every week for one hour at either the Ralph Walker rink in New Haven or at the West Haven rink. Katherine Alden, a junior that plays defense, says that “Practices can be really tiring but at the same time, they’re fun. Right now we’re getting down the basics of hockey, like dribbling the puck, passing, and shooting.” Their record so far is 2-2-1 with a recent big win over West Haven with a final score of 4-1

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by Merissa Blitz


The Branford Community knows John Steady for his work with the yearbook pictures and taking pictures at sport’s events but not everyone may know about his most recent project. Steady created a webpage that has all kinds of information on all of the Branford Sports and, of course, includes many photos. The site will cover topics such as high school sports, youth sports, former athletes who are in college, the history of Branford Sports and much more. Steady writes a lot of the articles himself with the help of others. Mr. Miller, the head of the English department at school, will be writing a sports column every two weeks that covers awards, banquets, jv sports, freshman sports, and much more.


Before the site was up, Steady had been putting up promotional videos which were watched by over 1000 people within the first two days. “I have received many great emails from people who are excited for it to actually start,” says Steady prior to the beginning of the site.


What was Steady’s inspiration for the site? He says, “Over the past two years, sports coverage has gotten very bad. I started writing for newspapers back while I was a student at Branford High School in 1988; back then almost every game and every sport was covered on a weekly basis. That has changed for the worse over the past few years so I started to think of a way to fix it and this is what I came up with.”

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Fall Sports

By Alice Ni

Girl’s Soccer- After last year’s phenomenal season, the girl’s soccer team set higher expectations for themselves for this year. But although they played well, it wasn’t enough. Chelsea O’Connor who plays defense said that, “We’re all really athletic, talented, and hardworking, but we got really discouraged once our season started out rough and we never got back into things until the very end when it was too late.” The girl’s highlight for this season was beating East Haven after they had been beaten by them once already earlier in the season. The girl’s season ended with a record of 6-10. Coming off of such a great season last year, the girls had to play harder teams outside of their division this year, which is where most of their losses came from.

Girl’s Field Hockey- Just like previous years, the girl’s field hockey team performed well throughout the entire season. Kristina Ruotolom who plays center half backm said: “this was a very successful year, we were defensively strong and had a young offense, but it worked well.” The girls accomplished many goals, such as beating their long time rival, Hand- Madison twice, and winning the SCC Title Championship.

Girl’s Volleyball- This year’s girl’s volleyball team has set a high standard for the next seasons. The girls had a regular season record of 12-6. The four seniors, Zoe Lowe, Lexi Pepe, Danielle Bourne, and Nablissa Lomotey led the team with great poise that gave the rest of the girl’s motivation to play harder and better. The team won their Divison Championship defeating other teams like rival East Haven and North Haven.

Girl’s Swimming- The girl’s swimming team has performed up to par as expected. Throughout most of the season, the girls were undefeated until their loss to Cheshire. Two of the most anticipated meets were against Shelton, who beat them last year, and Amity. The girls defeated both of the teams along with every other team they faced, with the exception of Cheshire. Many of the girls qualified for state’s, and their great efforts left them with a strong 4th place finish.

Boy’s Soccer- The boy’s soccer season ended with a record of 4- 12. The team was led by captains Scott Berges, Matt Schell, and Matt Ragonese. The captains next year have been chosen as Nildi Pino, Tommy Verderame, and James D’ Amico.

Football- With two more games to go in the regular season, the football team has a 5-4 record. This year’s team has improved greatly compared to last season, with big wins over North Haven and Lyman Hall. In the game against Lyman Hall, the boys played excellent defense and completely stopped their opponent’s offense from gaining any points.

Congratulations to all of the Fall sports!

Look in the next issue of the Buzz for coverage of the Winter sports.

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