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The Balm that’s the BOMB!!!!!!!!

Photo Credit: Alison Chew

By Alexandra Augustak

With the winter season coming along, you may notice changes in your skin’s texture. The cold and dry air associated with the winter season causes sensitivity and irritation in your skin to become even more evident. Your lips, especially, are prone to irritation as they are delicate and thin compared to normal skin. The cold weather naturally causes you to lick your licks for more comfort, which in essence, is what’s causing the lips to dry up even more. When licking your lips, your saliva strips away the natural oils produced by your body that keep your skin protected, leaving them dry and cracked.

Lip balms are a convenient and popular way of dealing with irritated skin, but what the lip balm corporations don’t want you to know is that sometimes the most common ingredients in any lip balm on the market can irritate your lips even more. Here are some important things to remember the next time you’re purchasing a lip balm product:

Avoid flavored or scented lip balms

Your best bet for buying a lip balm that does not irritate your lips is buying one which has no added scents or flavors. Scents or flavors actually causes even more licking of the lips, sometimes subconsciously, which in the end causes the lips to dry up.

Avoid lip balms with methanol as an ingredient

Methanol is an alcohol which is used in lip balms to give a cooling sensation. In reality, what is producing that sensation is the act of methanol penetrating your skin and stripping away protective layers of dead skin which in the end may cause even more irritation and dryness.

Get lip balms with sunscreen

Excess moisture from lip balms often causes the outside protective layer of your lips to degenerate, leaving them more vulnerable to ultra violet rays from the sun. Lip balms with sunscreen help protect your lips from these harmful rays and keep them healthy.

Other ingredients to avoid that may cause irritation

Lanolin, camphor, paraben, phenol, salicylic acid

Easy alternatives for lip balms

If you can’t find a lip balm that will not irritate your lips, simple remedies such as Vaseline or olive oil can help keep lips moisturized without the superfluities of scents or flavors that actually increase irritation.




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Food for Thought

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by Marisa Kaplita Editor-In- Chief

From food drives to turkey walls to delivering holiday meals, Branford High School takes its Thanksgiving  very seriously.  Everyone from students to faculty was eager to help out the town to make sure every Branford family has a great thanksgiving day.  No one should go hungry on Thanksgiving and the Branford Food Pantry along with a little help from the High School, made that a possibility.

Advisory classes collected non perishable food items and money to donate to the Food Pantry, and Mr. Lyons and Ms. Monks took their own initiative and collect food items in their own classes, as well as their advisories, and they collected multiple boxes full of food!

The faculty also had their own way of helping out. Librarian Pam Roy spearheaded a collection for turkeys. Every time a member of the faculty made a donation, their name was added to a board to keep a tally in the faculty room.  This display was just one creative ways to get everyone member of BHS involved in the community.  Their goal was to collect $1000, and they collected $1,245.


On November 22, there was a field trip to go out and deliver food from the Food Pantry to different people in the community.  Many students took advantage of this opportunity and left school for a few hours that day to do some volunteer work.  The over 20 students drove over to the pantry, started loading up cars with boxes of food, which included butter, juice, carrots, apples, crackers, etc. and frozen turkeys; pretty much everything a family needs to have a filling Thanksgiving meal! They left in groups of 3-7, to carry boxes and turkeys up to people’s houses and then came back to help sort food items or load more cars.

It is important for kids to see the importance of volunteering and the difference they can make in someone else’s life.  Without these deliveries, most of these families wouldn’t get to have a proper Thanksgiving meal, so it means a lot to them that there is something like the Food Pantry that is here for them.

I hope that all the student’s got something out of this trip, even if they were just using it as an excuse to get out of school for the morning.  It is great that the school is able to schedule these types of field trips, and the turnouts are even better. Thanksgiving is just the start of the holiday season and there are still plenty of opportunities for students and faculty to help those in need in the community.

And if you missed your chance to sign up for this field trip, and would like to sign up for the next on in December, you can contact Mrs. Pugila at

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Branford Tree Lighting 2011

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Photo Credit: Emily McColl ’13

The Tree Lighting has been a Branford tradition for many years and it would not be as great as it is without the participation from the students at BHS.  The Interact Club was featured in the parade with with their Harry Potter themed float; complete with Hogwarts castle and all!  The woodtect classes even constructed one of the floats used in the parade, and the BHS choir provided the music to lead the Christmas sing-a-longs.  The Branford Tree Lighting wass a great way to start the Holiday seasons!

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Seniors vs. Juniors 2011 Game

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The rain that came that morning made most people skeptical that the game would still be on, but Zeus must of had other plans for these high schoolers, because by that afternoon the rain was gone and the Senior and Junior girls were ready to take it all to the field on November 23, where they battled it out for the PowderPuff championship.  As they played on students and faculty of BHS stood and watched as play after play went down.  They both fought valiantly, but unfortunately there can only be one winner in football…….or not! The game ended with an unfortunate Tie, thus making both teams winners this year.  Maybe the Seniors will have better luck next year, but great job to all who played.

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Flash Mob in the Commons

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The Student Council surprised students during lunch with a FLASH MOB to help kick off spirit week!  The dance was lead by juniors Kailey Hassan-Wolff and Briana Williams, both student council members, and were later joined with over 15 other classmates to dance to Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.

Photo credit: John McColl and Morgan Reed

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Want to Help the Hungry? Wear Argyle!

by Meglin Bodner

On November 18, make sure to wear any argyle clothing you own. Not sure what it is? Argyle is a diamond-shaped pattern of two or more colors. Everyone who wears argyle clothing on Friday is doing a great deed. Putting $1 into one of the donation boxes for wearing argyle allows the Branford Soup Kitchen to feed those who are hungry. There will be a donation box set up in the commons before school and during lunch waves for students to donate money; and a separate box for faculty can be found near the mailboxes. It is beneficial to help their cause, especially this time of year with Thanksgiving around the corner.

“The idea has been well received by faculty,” said Mr. White, who took part in the creation of Argyle Day. The idea came about last year when Evaun Boatman and Mr. White noticed each other wearing argyle shirts. The pattern was popular twenty to thirty years ago, went out of style for some time, and is now making a comeback. Mr. White has noticed lots of students wearing argyle around school, so he thought that would be more fun than a “casual Friday”.

Wearing argyle on November 18th is a symbol of charitable giving. “It’s a show of caring for the needy,” commented Mr. White. The event also raises awareness that people indeed are still suffering from hunger in our town. Be kind by helping the hungry on Argyle Day and do not forget that there are always opportunities to help out at the Soup Kitchen.

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A Day at Mystic Aquarium

by Meglin Bodner
Events Editor

Marine Biology and Anatomy classes filed onto two buses headed for Mystic. Anticipation grew stronger as the buses neared the aquarium. And finally, we arrived.

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